Saving Space with a Washer-Dryer Combo

If space is tight in your home, you may not think you have enough room for a washer and a dryer. Unfortunately, the alternative isn’t terribly convenient. You’d have to go out and use a laundromat every time you need to clean your clothes. This means wasting hours of your day if you want to make sure no one ends up accidently walking off with your things.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be like this. You can use a washer-dryer combo to save space in your home. As the name suggests, these machines combine a washer and dryer into one footprint.

For the most part, their performance is identical to the two types of machines on their own. If anything, you might need slightly smaller loads than you could otherwise get away with if you had two machines. Nonetheless, most people would say that’s completely worth it.

This means that the performance costs are about the same, too. You shouldn’t have to worry that your utility bill is going to jump up just because you’re using a combo machine.

If anything, you’ll probably notice a bit of a drop. Combo machines tend to be much more efficient with both water and electricity compared to their conventional counterparts.

You also don’t need to combine the functions, so if you ever do need to dry your clothes a bit more, you can just re-run the dryer.

As these combo machines continue to increase in popularity, we’re going to keep seeing more and more options on the market, as well. Therefore, whether you’re single or have a large family, there’s a machine that can fit your needs. Like most consumer appliances, they’re getting smaller, too, so this space-saving equipment will soon be saving you even more room in your home.

Finally, using a horizontal axis drum may actually make combo machines a lot gentler on your clothing. Just like with front-loaded washers, the clothes are raised up out of the water before plunging them back in over and over. This is a far gentler method that will still clean your clothes thoroughly, just without the risk of doing any damage.

The main benefit of using a washer-dryer combo is that you don’t need a lot of space. These machines are perfect for townhomes, condos and even apartments. However, given all the other advantages they bring to the table, they’re becoming popular in large houses, as well.


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